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Burger King Tries “King Deals” Value Tactic

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In line with its stated intention to focus more attention on value pricing, Burger King is testing consumer response to a daily-discount program it already has in place in the UK and Canada.

The “King Deals” tactic testing in select markets offers a different discounted meal on each weekday as a sort of rapid-fire limited-time-offer series. In the UK the promotion is called “King of the Day” and structured at a £1.99 price (roughly $3) on a different sandwich daily (including weekends). Similarly in Canada, King Deals discounts seven different sandwiches, one per day, to $1.99.

But in the U.S., Burger King’s “King Deals” offer one of five different combo meals each day, with each priced at $4.99. The combos include small fries or onion rings and small fountain drink. Weekends are not included. Franchisees no doubt prefer the U.S. combo approach to this tactic since fries and fountain drinks have much higher margins than sandwiches.

The rotation starts with a discounted TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich on Monday, followed by the Original Chicken Sandwich (Tuesday), Whopper (Wednesday), 5-piece Chicken Strips (Thursday) and Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich (Friday).

Burger King Worldwide recently reported solid results for 2012, including a 3.5% gain in same-store sales for U.S./Canada stores. But North America President Steve Wiborg said first-quarter 2013 sales were soft because Burger King had been caught a little off guard by competitors’ heavy emphasis on low-end menu products (such as McDonald’s Dollar Menu). He vowed to put increased focus on value pricing. A price reduction to just $1.29 for the Whopper Jr. was a first step.

7 Responses to Burger King Tries “King Deals” Value Tactic

  1. Don Oelerich

    Day late and at least a dollar and a half short. Are they not looking at the competition and what is being offered? Listen to the foot steps coming up behind you and get out of their way. I’m a fan but will not be fooled into thinking they have the right idea for promotion. Check what is being offered by you.

  2. JayInAtlanta

    Agreed with Don. How does a $5 meal get new customers into a fast food chain? During weekdays only…and having to memorize a rotation?

    Subway is even going with $3 sandwiches now because the $5 price point is just not exciting in this space.

    How about: one entire week a month, every meal is $3.99, customer’s choice? Even shift the week monthly. Or, try this: every customer has a 1/5 chance of getting any combo meal free, otherwise they pay $4.99 (they decide up front on the meal and they may or may not get it free)?

  3. Mike Anderson

    $4.99 for a Burger King meal deal is a good deal. Go somewhere where you pay only $3.99, and you will get what you pay for…crap.

  4. Sue Colby

    I just left a Burger King on a Monday and they said they did not know what I was talking about when I asked for the King Deal for tonight. They said all that they had was the 2/$5.00.

  5. Promotions such as King Deals are offered at franchisee discretion so the deals are not available everywhere. Yet.

  6. BK Sucks theze days….

    $10 burger combos and the meat is precooked barely warm and pulled out of a warming drawer just like at McDonald’s.

    AWFUL and A total ripoff

  7. Collren LeDoux

    I love Burger King never get sick of it :D