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Burger King ‘Texican Burger’ Spot Not a Hit in Mexico

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Texican[UPDATE: Late Tuesday, Burger King Corp. said it will “revise the Texican Whopper advertising creative out of respect for the Mexican culture and its people.” It said the advertising, airing in the UK and Spain, was “not intended to offend anyone.”]

Mexico’s ambassador to Spain has lodged a protest with Burger King Corp. over a TV commercial that the ambassador says is an afront to his country and his countrymen, according to the AP. The commercial in question is for the Texican Burger, which the chain markets in Europe. The jalapeno-topped burger is positioned as “The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican.”

In the spot, a short Mexican wrestler answers a want ad for a housemate placed by a tall  Texas cowboy. They work together: The cowboy holds up his tiny roommate in order to do dusting and other chores; the stronger wrestler opens a jar. Mexican Ambassador Jorge Zermeno objected to the wrestler character as a stereotype, but more importantly, however, he objected to a print ad in which the wrestler appears to be wearing the Mexican flag as a cape, which he called disrespectful. Watch the commercial below.

2 Responses to Burger King ‘Texican Burger’ Spot Not a Hit in Mexico

  1. MEP

    Is BK outsourcing its creative to teams of 7th grade boys? Really, what ever happened to subtlety and wit as creative tools?

  2. Meep

    And whats wrong with the creativity of 7th grade boys?