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Burger King Readies New Menu’s Phase II

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Continuing its strategy of rebuilding its menu with waves of new items rather than with one LTO at a time, Burger King is readying Phase II of its new menu. Where the Phase I Summer Menu, introduced in June, was about beef, pork and BBQ flavors, the next wave—which should go national by or shortly after the Labor Day holiday weekend—is all about chicken and Italian flavors. The limited-time menu additions include sandwiches, wraps, new breakfast items and a new smoothie, but no new burgers this time.

Phase II includes new breakfast items.

The core sandwiches, which were tipped earlier by blogger GrubGrade, are the Chicken Parmesan and Italian Basil Chicken sandwiches, which now are being previewed in Chicago. The Chicken Parmesan, with mozzarella and marinara, is available only with a Tendercrisp chicken patty and is priced at $4.79 alone or $6.99 in a combo with fries and beverage. Italian Basil Chicken comes with choice of Tendercrisp or Tendergrill chicken patty and is similarly priced at $4.79/$6.99. There’s also an Italian Basil Chicken Wrap option—crispy or grilled—at $1.99/$4.89.

These new chicken sandwiches are priced at the high end of the BBQ Summer Menu, which included Memphis Pulled Pork BBQ ($3.49 and up), Carolina BBQ Whopper and Texas BBQ Whopper burgers (each $3.99) and the Carolina BBQ Chicken and Texas BBQ Chicken sandwiches (each $4.79).

Chicken Parmesan and Italian Basil Chicken sandwiches and wrap

Italian ingredients (tomato, onion, green bell pepper, seasonings) plus egg and sausage reappear in the morning in a new Italian Breakfast Burrito, priced at $2.49 alone or $3.89 in a combo with hash-brown nuggets and beverage.

The more-interesting breakfast additions are upgrades to two existing morning sandwiches. New Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and Ham, Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich now sport Black Forest Ham. Each is priced at $2.59 solo or $3.99 with combo pals.

The Summer Menu added Chicken Strips to Burger King’s menu. Phase II goes smaller with the addition of Popcorn Chicken nibbles that look like McDonald’s Chicken McBites, KFC Original Recipe Bites and all the other chicken snack items. Burger King has tiered its pricing (in Chicago at least) for Popcorn Chicken at $2.19, $3.19 and $3.99.

Also on offer in Chicago are new Salad Wraps, which are just that. Burger King takes Phase I’s Garden Fresh Salads—Chicken BLT, Chicken Caesar and Chicken, Apple & Cranberry—and rolls up the chicken and greens in a tortilla. Voila. Salad Wraps. Rival McDonald’s, as previously reported, is testing full-size McWraps. Offered in Chicken & Bacon, Sweet Chili Chicken and Chicken & Ranch varieties, the McWraps are priced at $3.99.

On the beverage side of the menu, Raspberry is the new flavor for Burger King’s Real Fruit Smoothie line.