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Burger King Readies Mini Spam Burger for Japan

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Burger King swings from excess to dainty with the upcoming introduction of mini burgers in Japan. Following its April limited-time offer— the 1,100+ calorie Meat Monster—the chain will be offering 2.4-inch minis called BK Bites, including one with Spam luncheon meat. The promotion begins June 20.

BK Bites pairings are Beef & Chicken (left) or Spam & BLT.

These mini burgers appear to be like the BK Shots the chain first sold in the U.S. in 2009 and recently introduced in Singapore. For Japan, however, the name has been changed to something less violent. And like the beef/chicken/pork Meat Monster, BK Bites combine meats. Sold in conjoined pairs, there are “Beef & Chicken” and “Beef & Chicken with Lemon and Basil Salt Sauce.” Tiny is not cheap. BK Bites are priced at ¥360 ($4.50). 

The other option is one BK Bite with Spam luncheon meat coupled with a BLT mini. A Burger King press release describes this pairing as lighter and suitable for women, just as BK Shots in Singapore are marketed with the slogan “What Women Want, Women Get.” The Spam pairing carries a lower suggested price: ¥330 ($4.11). 

Meanwhile, rival McDonald’s Japanese menu includes a new Italian Herb version of its continuing Icon Chicken sandwich line.