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Burger King Readies Chicken Strips, Snack Wraps

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Burger King hopes to grab a bigger share of the growing chicken-snack category with the introductions of Chicken Strips and Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps.

Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps, available with Honey Mustard or Ranch sauce, are now moving into selected markets. They will be included on Burger King’s expanded $1 Value Menu where all items are $1 and up. That serves as an answer to McDonald’s expected introduction next week of its Extra Value Menu, which will include a 20-piece Chicken McNugget pack. Burger King has been promoting 20-piece packs of its Chicken Tenders (introduced one year ago) snack.

McDonald’s also has Chicken McBites in the chicken-snack category. The chain credited the successful national introduction of McBites with helping produce its impressive 11.1% jump in same-store sales in February. As previously reported, KFC will intensify the chicken-snack battle with the $1.29 Chicken Littles mini sandwiches it has in selected markets.

Burger King will price Chicken Strips above its Chicken Tenders, but likely not as high as its Tendercrisp chicken sandwiches. The strips put Burger King into the chicken entrée category with McDonald’s Chicken Selects premium strips.

The chicken introductions are a departure for Burger King, which has focused more on improving/reformulating core products. To that end it has revised its fries, its onion rings, its bacon and many of the items on its breakfast menu. New products have included the BK Toppers line, an expanded Chef’s Choice burger line and the still-not-national addition of Cinnabon rolls on the breakfast menu.

Burger King has been using sampling as its tactic of choice to introduce consumers to its expanded/improved menu. Onion rings were sampled for free last month. This weekend Burger King offers free fries and green ketchup for St. Patrick’s Day.