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Burger King Readies Apple-Topped Burger in Japan

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Following the success of such unusual creations as Spam mini-burgers, the über-indulgent Meat Monster Whopper and that holiday favorite the Pizza-Size Burger, Burger King in Japan is preparing another culinary treat no other chain has thought to try.

The apple-topped BK Ringo burger

Available in Japan from March 9, the BK Ringo is a Whopper Jr.-size burger that is topped with a quarter-inch (7mm) slice of flame-grilled apple. Lettuce and honey-mustard sauce complete the build for this sandwich.

The BK Ringo will be priced at ¥240 (US$2.99 ) for the sandwich alone or ¥490 (US$6.11) for a combo meal.

Burger King is targeting the limited-time burger, which marketing materials claim has “the sweet scent of apple cinnamon flavor” to women and children (who are used to seeing applesauce as a QSR kids menu side dish). BK/Japan pursued a similar strategy with its BK Bites mini burgers in June 2011. The minis were sold in pairs (beef & chicken or BLT & Spam) to women, kids and anyone else ho couldn’t handle the huge Meat Monster Whopper that was piled high with beef, chicken and pork. Burger King introduced that treat to Japan in April 2011.

McDonald's pastrami-topped Broadway Burger

Since returning to Japan in 2007 (after first opening there in 1996 but closing down in 2001), Burger Japan has tried to set itself apart from McDonald’s and others with unexpected menu items. Last November that took the shape of the feeds-four Pizza-Size Burgers.

Burger King hasn’t cornered the market on inventive (OK, odd) burger toppings. McDonald’s Japan is wrapping up its Big America promotion, which introduces a series of burgers thematically tied to U.S. locales. On the menu now is the Broadway Burger, a beef patty topped with pastrami, cream-cheese sauce, lettuce and mustard sauce. But no Big Apple slice.