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Burger King Goes Native with Poutines in Canada

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Burger King has borrowed a page from McDonald’s menu-localization playbook by promoting a three-item line of Canadian favorite poutine. Classic Poutine–cheese curds and fries covered with gravy—already was  on the menu, but now BK takes the dish upscale. 

Newly added Angry Poutine plays off Burger King’s Angry Whopper and adds jalapeños, onions and the chain’s spicy “Angry Sauce.” The other extension, Poutine with Bacon, adds—correct—bacon to the basic recipe. 

Both specialties are priced at a 90¢ premium above Classic Poutine. 

“We see an opportunity to become the destination for Canada’s favorite dish by reaching the growing demographic of poutine lovers,” Cameron Loopstra, senior marketing manager for Burger King in Canada said in a release announcing the menu promotion. The chain says it hopes to capture a 10% share of the 78.6 million poutine servings Canadians consumer annually. 

McDonald's Quebec-only burger

Poutine is a familiar side dish at some of Canada’s top burger bars. At m:brgr in Montreal, for example, poutine can be ordered “classic,” with chili, with sweet-potato fries, with porcini mushrooms or with pulled pork. Poutine is so important at the three Works Gourmet Burger Bistro locations in Ontario that the dish gets its own section of the menu. Among the choices is Fajita Poutine, with curds and fries topped with Jack and Cheddar cheeses, gravy, sautéed onions, green onions, salsa and fajita chicken. 

At the two Burger de Ville locations in Montreal, the house poutine is topped with goat cheese and pepper sauce. Across town, braised pork and Migneron cheese are the poutine toppers at Méchant Boeuf Bar-Brasserie’s late-night menu.

In August, rival McDonald’s introduced a “1967 Burger” in Quebec only, saluting the year the first Canadian McDonald’s opened. Last year, McDonald’s offered a Smokehouse Deluxe burger in Ontario only.

4 Responses to Burger King Goes Native with Poutines in Canada

  1. Other brother Darryl

    Saw one of those poutines today in Alberta. It was posted at a $1.00 premium

  2. Venom

    Here is an idea Burger King to save your crappy company.
    How about selling that here in America and not just Canada. You know, offer something that no one else has and get a leg up on your competition for once.
    I can’t for the love of me figure out why no one sells poutines in America considering five feet away in Canada they sell like gangbusters.

  3. Turnip_X

    Uh, yeah. Venom, feel free to start your bitching _after_ the Pizza Megaburger gets up here to Canada. Have you any idea how many specialty burgers pass every country’s BK restaurants up _but_ the States’? Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but America is a lot heavier population-wise than Canada and it’s where most of the big burger chains are making their money in North America. I’m quite happy to speak for myself in having a fair bit of trust in my southern neighbours, but please get your facts straight before you start the shitebashing.

  4. Irwin H. Rolle

    I have a delicious poutine idea for the American market that I would like Burger King to add to their menu that will seriously drive everyone in North America Hunger Crazy!I only hope Mrs. Sarah Power, Marketing Director for Burger King, would see this comment and take it really serious.
    Hartford, CT