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Burger King Goes Long on BBQ

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Burger King formally  announced its Italian-flavors Fall Menu on Labor Day, doing so quietly since the news already had appeared here last week. But while the Summer Menu’s Carolina and Texas Whoppers now are gone, there must have been leftover barbecue sauce, which the chain has kindly sent to Europe, where a BBQ party is underway.

In the UK, Burger King this week unveiled a Rodeo BBQ Extra Long Beef burger with–count ’em, cowboy—three beef patties, fried onion rings, cheese and BBQ sauce. The flanker Rodeo BBQ Chicken Royale makes do with a single long chicken patty. Chilli Cheese Bites [the Brits spell Chilli with two l’s]  snacks complete the LTO menu.

The chain brings American BBQ flavors and the long sandwich concept to Austria and Switzerland as well. The new BBQ Bacon burger looks to be the same sandwich as the British LTO (three beef patties, BBQ sauce, onion rings, cheese) but with bacon, which always is an improvement. Its companion sandwich is the extra-long Chicken Curry.

There still was barbecue sauce to spare, so the chain is offering a Hot Texas Whopper in Germany. There’s just one patty, and it’s topped with sliced jalapeňos and BBQ sauce. For those who insist on eating European, German units also are promoting a French Mustard Whopper. Spicy Chicken Bites—zippy versions of the Popcorn Chicken just introduced in the U.S.—complete that LTO menu.

Burger King fans in Italy are being offered  only a Barbeque Chicken Royale LTO: Not even a burger. Perhaps BK finally ran low on sauce.

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    Should bring it to the States