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Burger King Exports NY Pizza Burger as Party Food

The Japanese don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but while you’re enjoying the turkey you ordered, Japanese families are placing their orders for a new holiday food: the NY Pizza Burger and all the trimmings.

Looking to make a splash in Japan, which it re-entered only three years ago, Burger King is offering the BK Party Set, a packaged meal whose festive centerpiece is the NY Pizza Burger introduced in August at the Whopper Bar it opened in New York City. Nutritionists wept at the idea of one person eating the four-patty, 2,530-calorie, 9.5-inch-circumference burger. BK said it is meant to be shared, and, indeed, merchandising for the BK Party Set shows a wedge of  Pizza Burger being delicately served like pumpkin pie. It’s a party!

But wait; there’s more. The BK Party Set meal also includes a Holiday Chicken Salad, an order of BK Tenders, an order of BK Cheese Bits and Onion Rings. Now how much would you pay? How about ¥2,980, or about $35.67

Charlie Palmer

But you can’t just walk in and pick one up. Like any respectable party, this one requires planning. Lines are open for phone reservations for a BK Party Set. As merchandising says, Happy Holidays!

Ξ Wendy’s today is expected to unveil the national marketing campaign for its Natural-Cut Fries with sea salt. TV spots from Kaplan Thaler Group begin next week (Nov. 29) and will be coupled with extensive social-media support. Everything has to have an “app” nowadays and a smart-phone “Fry for All” app will be part of the mix. The chain reportedly will spend $25 million on the rollout. Introduction of the fries in Canada comes next week, too, according to sources.

Ξ In other news you may have missed, foodservice researcher Technomic has released a list of 11 trends to watch for in 2011. The most intriguing is “Frugality fatigue.” Technomic argues that cutting back was in vogue when the economy tanked but “now it’s gotten old.” Affordable indulgences return.

Ξ More refutation of the idea that upscale burgers are yesterday’s news. The OC Register reports that renowned chef-restaurateur Charlie Palmer this week opens DG Burger at Bloomingdale’s in a Costa Mesa, Calif., mall. The DG reportedly stands for Damn Good. Palmer already operates an eponymous fine-dining restaurant in the retailer there.

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