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Burger King Chucks BK Joe for Seattle’s Best Coffee

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[UPDATE: BK Joe is BACK as of Jan 2017. See details here.]
House brands are nice; national brands are better. That’s what Burger King apparently decided in throwing its home-grown BK Joe coffee brand under the bus in order to take up with Starbucks-owned Seattle’s Best Coffee as it battles for a larger share of breakfast sales.

In announcing an agreement, Burger King says it hopes to have Seattle’s Best Coffee in all 7,250 of its U.S. stores by this September. Prices range from $1 (for the $1 breakfast menu) to $2.79; the new coffee will be sold iced and hot. “The addition of Seattle’s Best Coffee expands on our Have It Your Way brand promise by offering our guests even more beverage options and strengthens our ability to remain competitive in a continuously changing industry,” John Schaufelberger, BK SVP-global product marketing and innovation, said in a statement announcing the deal.

BK Joe was introduced in October 2005 (see commercial at left) and positioned as a working-man’s coffee available in turbo (40% more caffeine) strength as well as regular. That followed McDonald’s introduction earlier in 2005 of its Premium Roast coffee. Starbucks acquired Seattle’s Best parent Seattle Coffee Co. in 2003 from AFC Enterprises, owner of the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen chain (and, at that time, Churchs Fried Chicken).

132 Responses to Burger King Chucks BK Joe for Seattle’s Best Coffee

  1. Helen

    The BK joe coffee is Douwe Egberts coffee—bring it back it is the best. If not then let’s plea for McDonald’s, Taco Johns, Taco Bell or others to sell this coffee,

  2. Cindy Kuster

    Bring back BK JOE – that was really really good coffee. Seattle’s best is not best in my book.

  3. Cindy Kuster

    I just had a thought – maybe this is all a marketing campaign – so they can announce BK JOE IS BACK !!!

  4. BRUCE

    I don’t know who made the decision to eliminate BK Joe coffee in favor of Seattle’s Best, but that was stupid. I guess it was a financial decision. BK Joe was the best! Seattle’s best maybe best in Seattle, but it tastes like overpriced nothing special coffee to me

  5. Kimberly

    I can’t stand the new coffee. I want my BK Joe back!!!! I wonder how many complaints they’ve received about this and if it will at all have an impact on their breakfast revnue or decision to revert back. I’m not a fast food breakfast kind of person, but I made special exceptions just becuase of the coffee. Maybe emailing them with our dislike would help. It’s too bad Douwe Egberts coffee systems aren’t available for home use. I’d be HAPPY to have them.

  6. Maggie

    Please bring back BK Joe. Starbuck’s is crappy coffee. Seattle’s best is crappy coffee. They are only labels people are buying, please don’t follow that lame trend. BK Joe was the only good restaurant coffee around. You really let a good thing go to be a follower. Disappointed BK!!!!

  7. David

    I used to go out of my way for BK Joe. Bring it back!!!!

  8. Chloe P

    Bring back BK Joe! It was the best coffee anywhere and pretty much the only reason I went to BK daily over other fast food choices. On many days, I went more than once a day. There are few things in life you can always count on — that consistent, perfect-every-time BK Joe coffee was one of them.

    Now? I think I’ve been in a BK 5 or 6 times total since the coffee changeover that happened in my area (Reno NV) last May or June.

    The Seattles Best is inconsistent — acidy and burned tasting at its worse, and nothing special at its best. You often have to wait for a pot to brew before you get served. It’s certainly nothing to make a special trip for and I’ve pretty much stopped going to BK for breakfast. I now hit Subway, or Wendy’s usually.

    I’ve just started experimenting with some cold brewed coffee – Amazon sells containers of cold brew concentrate and I’ve been trying to make my own to duplicate that perfect “BK Joe” taste.

  9. Dorothy Pappademetriou

    I too will not go to Burger King for the same reason , their coffee. Bring back Joes coffee and I will go back to Burger King. Seattle best coffee is the worst coffee. I never drink Starbucks or Seattle (are they not same company?) BRING BACK JOES COFFEE.

  10. Patricia Day

    I used to go out of my way every morning to get my fix. Every Single Morning. When they switched to that swill (and it pains me to call it that, but Seattle’s Best used to be good coffee until Starbucks got its grimy mitts on it), I fell back to Mickey D’s Premium Roast. I will not drink anything from Starbuck’s.

    I am sure this made sense to someone, but I have yet to find anyone else who is happy about it.

  11. Kent

    Unless Burger King brings back BK Joe, I won’t go there anymore for coffee. And if I’m not going there specifically for coffee, I’ll undoubtedly buy less Burger King hamburgers and other food products. The Seattle’s Best coffee is terrible compared to BK Joe’s coffee.

  12. Dave S

    Seattle’s Best sucks and I quit going to BK. There is one heck of a business opportunity in this somewhere.

  13. Debra Bryson

    I really loved the Bk Joe coffee. I would always travel 20 miles out of my way just to stop there and order 2 big cups of joe. It has been a long time since I have had a cup of joe but I remember how good it was. I have tried seattles best and it doesn’t even compare to BK Joe. I poured it out. I couldn’t even drink it. I don’t think I have been back to Burger King since joe left. That has been over a year ago. I think. I don’t know why you let Joe go for Seattles Best. I am still out there trying to find joe coffee. Hopefully one day I will find who has it. I really miss JOE BAD!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jill Chavers

    I moved to Encinitas, California from Michigan where I used to get my morning cup of BK Joe because it was the best fast food coffee I have ever tasted. I got a cup from the Burger King here in California and could not drink it because it tasted awful, bad. Please bring back the good stuff to Burger King !!! or somewhere.

  15. stanley severson

    my wife and i always went to burger king for there great food. and we absolutely loved the bk Joe. then one day they switched to seattle’s best witch to us is seattle’s worst. it tasted like a cigarette ashtray. plus they took there coffee machine and put it behind the counter so had to go ask every time we wanted a refill. we couldn’t deal with the coffee any more so now we go to McDonalds. if they get bk Joe back we will be back .

  16. e6513471


  17. Brad

    I use to look forward to going every Saturday and getting my fix of BK Joe coffee. Since the change, I don’t go there for breakfast anymore. Why the change, they had the best coffee of any restaurant chain? Hope they reconsider—disappointed former customer?????????????? PLEASE BRING IT BACK………..

  18. James

    We used to stop at Burger King every day for two large cups of BK Joe (and usually breakfast). After trying Seattle’s Best, I have not been back nor do I plan to. Seattle’s Best does not have anything close to the unique flavor of the Douwe Egbert blend. Whoever made the decision to switch brands should be fired.

  19. Ernie

    I crave good cups of coffee. BK Joe was a great easy to get treasure of a coffee. I clearly recall my first cup of S Best and went back to the counter to complain the “something is wrong with this coffee”. It was explained to me about the change. I did try it one more time, that was 1 1/2 years ago, my last visit to B King. Tell Seatlle to keep that crap to themselves.

  20. George

    I know this is old news and nobody probably cares anymore,, but I still miss the BK Joe. Seattle’s Best coffee is literally the worst, publicly sold coffee I have ever tasted. I used to go out of my way every morning for Burger King (Douwe Egberts) coffee. Now, I save money, so maybe I should thank them? :)

  21. Greg

    I stay 3 nights a week at various hotels in the Bloomington-Normal IL region. One thing that helped me choose my hotel was the presence of Douwe Egberts coffee in the dining area. I’d get regular in the morning and decaf at night. Sadly, at my last visit to that particular hotel (Hawthorn Suites, off Market Street, near I55) I observed a new coffee dispenser. I poured up a cup and there was that nasty, burnt, acidic taste that stinks all the way back to Seattle. Whether it’s Starbucks or Seattle’s Best (ha!), it was far inferior to good old DE. Now, I find there is no reason for me to pay extra to stay at that hotel since they have stopped serving the world’s best coffee.

  22. Dagon H

    I stopped going to BK when they switched their coffee. Bring back Joe Turbo!!

  23. Heather

    I agree BK Joe was the best coffee ever. I went everyday to BK and sometimes twice for a large cup. Then completely quit going when they changed to Seattle’s Worst coffee! I buy my coffee from Douwe Egbert now but would gladly go back to BK or wherever sold that excellent coffee. Someone has to get it together, listen to the public, and start selling this again!!!!!!!!

  24. Lisa

    I am in the same boat as Heather and Dagon H. As soon as BK switched from Douwe Egbert coffee to Seattle’s best I quit going there for my morning “Joe”. It tasted like dirt….or burnt coffee! I wish they would go back to Douwe Egbert coffee! It was the best! :(

  25. Steve and Carol

    Carol and I loved BK Joe, and my wife used to buy 2 larges several times a week and take home as she exclusively drinks it iced, though liked it hot too as did I. Like others, Seattle’s worst just didn’t cut it, and at least here in New England area, they went to a so-called smooth roast and put Seattle’s Best in type so small you don’t even know the brand.

    But…we have a little salvation. On the Maine Turnpike, two rest areas featuring Burger King still have the old BK Joe (Douwe Egberts) coffee!!! And yes, while it happens to be on a frequent travel route for us, we too will go out of our way to get that great coffee.

    Two, occasionally happy New Englanders when our travels take us near milepost 25 and 103 on the Maine Turnpike!!

  26. flywheeler

    I’m also one of those who loved the douwe egbert coffee at burger king. I also, brought a quart thermos with me each time for a fill up to carry with me on my trips. The coffee was great. I tried various types of gourment coffee, ground and whole bean, brewed with mountain water, spring water, distilled water and with various ratios of water. Never could duplicate the taste of the douwe egbert served in burger king. While out shopping this christmas season, I ran across a coffee that has a somewhat similar taste, stilling experimenting with the coffee to water brewing ratio. The coffee is folgers “Chocolate Silk.” They have a note on the container for best results-coffee to water ratio. My present ratio is not even close or as strong as they recommend.
    It’s difficult to duplicate something that is perfect-Douwe Egbert Coffee.

  27. Toby

    I still wonder why BK did away with The Joe. I agree with all the above posts. Douwe Egberts was the best. What a surprise when my company started providing it free at work! Same great taste! That is, until I transferred out! Research I did early when BK quit selling Joe led me to believe they used the Douwee Egberts concentrate. A lot of the hotels use it, too. I even considered buying an old BK machine on EBay, but the portions were way too much. I’d like to see the sales number on coffee since they switched. Even if the drop off was minimal, for quality alone, they should go back. I actually miss the old McDonald’s coffee too. Two different animals. Bitter McDonald’s for all-nighters and BK Joe for good, smooth coffee. I’ve gotten used to McDonald’s but Seattles bust has had its day. Bring back Joe!

  28. Lynda

    Burger King went downhill when they stopped selling Douwe Egbert coffee. Seattle’s Best is the worst coffee in the world. Bring back BK Joe (Douwe Egbert)!!! I miss it so much. There are few good coffees. They all taste burnt or bitter now.

  29. Big Joe

    It is Feb. 2016 and I am still pissed off at Burger King for dumping BK Joe!!!

    Bring it baaaaaaaaack!

  30. Carrie

    Give us back our Bk joe , or tell us who has it please . Waiting

  31. Joe

    Vivere Express in Montreal has it ,right infront of starbox , come for a taste

  32. donald smith

    i use to stop at burger king 3 or 4 times a week for breakfast now 2 times a month, then i no longer buy their coffee. i would like know where i can buy BK joe coffee