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Burger King Bundles New Kids Meal

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A crown comes with every new BK Crown meal.

Burger King is again testing consumer interest in multi-person bundled meals. As part of the revamped kids meal program, now called BK Crown, that it unveiled today, the chain has created an interesting LTO. The new $9.99 BK Family Bundle meal—on offer only through Dec. 4, 2011—packages food for parents and a child: one Whopper, one Whopper Jr., two small fries, two small drinks and one of its boxed kids meals (which sport updated packaging, at right). It’s the QSR category’s first bundled meal incorporating a children’s meal and the idea could spur imitators if it succeeds.

Burger King used the Family Bundle name in August as part of its national coupon drop. At that time the Family Bundle gathered a Whopper, Whopper Jr., 10 Chicken Tenders, three small fries, three small drinks and two pies for $9.99. 

Burger King first tried multi-person meals in August.

McDonald’s began the multi-person bundled meal trend two years ago in Australia with its four-person Family Dinner Box in Australia. Since then it has added two-person Mates Meal lunches. In France, McDonald’s this year introduced a three-person Chicken Box bundle. Others have pursued the same strategy, of course. A year ago, Hardee’s offered a $5 Big Box Lunch for two as an LTO and Hungry Jack’s (Burger King in Australia) tried  Jack’s Packs meals.

The rest of Burger King’s refurbished kids-meal program is less groundbreaking. The program will connect kids with charities involved in education, the environment and wildlife. Each kids meal, priced at $2.99, comes with the chain’s iconic crown, and redesigned packaging can be disassembled to provide games and interactive entertainment.