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Burger King Bringing Salads, Burritos to Menu

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Accelerating the reworking of its menu, Burger King is looking at all aspects and dayparts for revision. That includes creating new entrée salads, a category in which it hasn’t been active for several years.

Three new Garden Fresh Salads are being offered in selected markets at premium prices (though prices vary among markets). They include a Chicken BLT ($5.39 in Chicago); Chicken, Apple & Cranberry ($5.39) and Crisp Chicken Caesar ($4.99). Burger King’s national menu is limited to Tendergrill and Tendercrisp Garden Salads with chicken and a small side salad. The chain’s last big salad foray was the line of Fire-Grilled Salads in 2004. These involved thermal pouches of hot shrimp or chicken to use as toppings for cold salad greens.

Other new chicken items are the previous reported Chicken Strips—joining the menu at three for $2.39 or five for $4.49—and the Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps (Honey Mustard and Ranch varieties), priced at $1.59 each.

Coming onto the breakfast menu are Southwestern Burritos with sausage, cheese, hash-brown nuggets and egg, priced at $2.49, and snack-wrap size Sausage Burritos priced at $1. (McDonald’s, already has a counter for that item, is testing two-for-$3 steak & egg burritos in Atlanta). Baked-on-premise Cinnabon buns are $1.79 apiece, $2.99 for two, $5.79 for four

There’s something old as well as something new on the breakfast menu: The signature Whopper burger is available during morning hours for $3.49 a la carte or $5.99 as a combo. This is already offered in many markets.

Fruit smoothies (strawberry banana and mango at $2.79 each in Chicago) and caramel and mocha frappés (also $2.79) are promoted on the updated menu as well.

3 Responses to Burger King Bringing Salads, Burritos to Menu

  1. sam

    They need to slow down the new product intros and improve quality and service. I have tried several new items the quality is not there.

  2. Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Whoppers have been available for breakfast around here forever.

  3. Teri LeMere

    Salads need to be larger. I would purchase a salad at lunch but McDonalds has BK beat in this department. Go get a McD Salad and BK Salad and set them side-by-side and you will see.