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Burger King Arms for $1 Menu Rumble

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BK_Rodeo_Burger_JPEGBurger King has signaled its acceptance of making value menus a 2014 battlefield. The No. 2 burger chain expanded its budget lineup and rechristened it the King Deals Value Menu.

Added as limited-time $1 items are the Rodeo Crispy Chicken and Rodeo Burger, both of which are topped with barbecue sauce and crunchy onion rings. Both also are items Burger King has offered previously in Europe and South America.

“We’re launching the new King Deals Value Menu including classics and new favorites like the Rodeo Sandwiches all starting at just $1,” said Eric Hirschhorn, BK CMO North America in a release. “We’ve seen an incredible response from our guests with our $1 menu items and we want to continue creating great tasting products that don’t sacrifice on taste.”

Wendys_SpicyChickenTVIn Canada and the UK, Burger King has used the “King Deals” name for daily-discount menus where a different sandwich is spotlighted each day. In February, Burger King tested that tactic in selected U.S. markets, offering one of five different combo meals each weekday, with each priced at $4.99.

But in the U.S., $1 items are the preferred weapons for the ongoing battle for customers. In November, McDonald’s rolled out its Dollar Menu & More, bulking it up with five new burgers priced from $1 to $2. It also is testing a “McDouble Menu” that spotlights its growing list of $1 and $2 McDouble beef and chicken burgers.Wendy’s recently added a Spicy Chipotle Jr. Cheeseburger and Spicy Chipotle Crispy Chicken sandwich—both priced at 99¢–to its Right Price, Right Size value menu.

3 Responses to Burger King Arms for $1 Menu Rumble

  1. Jerry-NJ

    “…we want to continue creating great tasting products that don’t sacrifice on taste.”



  2. Jen

    I think he meant to say “We want to continue creating great tasting products that don’t sacrifice on value or price.” That’s what happens when you don’t hire a good company representative!