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Starbucks is increasingly more a QSR than a cafe. At the end of August, reported that Jack in the Box was testing a “Brunchfast” menu. Now we learn that at the same time, Starbucks began testing weekend (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.) brunch items of its own in 78 Pacific Northwest stores.

As reported by Starbucks Melody, the coffeehouse chain’s brunch lineup includes Belgian waffles, baked French toast, and quiche (with cage-free eggs, of course).

Of course, Starbucks already has an extensive breakfast menu that includes the Bacon, Gouda & Egg sandwich; Sausage, Cheddar & Egg sandwich (below) and others.



McDonald’s in July promised to expand its All Day Breakfast menu this fall. That will include McGriddles 24/7 and both English muffin and biscuit sandwiches all day. The company hasn’t announced a launch day, but it has been using a new All Day Breakfast logo (below) that promises “more.”

McD_AllDay More***************

White Castle has joined the loaded-fries trend with a product it calls Mutant Loaded Fries (below). Crinkle-cut fries are topped w/ cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, crispy onion chips and bacon crumbles. These one of four new items on White Castle’s “X Menu.” The others: Ghost Pepper Sliders; X-treme Ghost Pepper Cheese Sliders; and Apocalypticd Waffle Sliders (chorizo, egg and ghost pepper cheese between two Belgian waffles). It’s a tie-in with the DVD release of “X-Men Apocalypse.”

White Castle Fries***************

Shake Shack continues to develop region-specific burgers. It did so earlier this summer with the Coppa Burger in Boston. Now it has a Link Burger for its first location in Dallas. It’s a cheeseburger topped with griddled jalapeño-cheese sausage link from local barbecue joint Pecan Lodge plus pickles and ShackSauce.

Shake Shack did something similar for its Austin opening, creating a Lockhart Link Burger (shown below) topped with a griddled jalapeño-cheese sausage link from Lockhart, Texas’s Kreuz Market, pickles and ShackSauce.

ShakeShack Lockhart Link***************

The “better burger” revolution has settled down but the push for better chicken continues. The latest arrival is Wendy’s revamped Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

The “better” comes in three parts: a chicken breast that’s marinated in herbs and seasonings; toppings that include spring mix, fresh-cut tomatoes and a smoky honey-mustard sauce; and a new multi-grain bun made with a blend of red quinoa, bulgur wheat, millet, flax seed and oats.