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BK Jilts Croissanwich for English Muffin Test

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[Dec. 19: Many have asked to see the BK TV commercial for the Breakfast Muffin Sandwich. It now has been inserted into the post.]
[Dec. 8 Update:
Burger King radio ads in Chicago jokingly apoloigize for “shamelessly copying the  Sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s and charging only $1.”]

httpv:// a long stare fight with the Egg McMuffin, the Croissanwich just blinked.

At selected stores in Chicago, Burger King not only has added an English muffin-based sausage-and-egg breakfast sandwich, it is pricing the new morning option at $1. Both elements take aim at McDonald’s, whose signature Egg Muffin and Sausage McMuffin with Egg are not included on the “Mix from Six” breakfast value menu of six $1 options that McD’s is testing in Chicago. BK is using a tactic popularized recently by CKE Restaurants’ Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s brands, which have underpriced McDonald’s Big Mac and Quarter Pounder sandwiches with new products or with discounts.

This is Burger King’s first use of English muffins in the morning in the U.S. (it offers one muffin sandwich at its Canada locations). Its main breakfast sandwiches are biscuit-based or Croissanwiches. The chain also has a Breakfast Value Menu, starting at $1 and including a Sausage Biscuit and French Toast Sticks.bk_muffinsmall

Dunkin’ Donuts last month introduced its own 99-cent breakfast menu into Chicago. Offerings include a line of tortilla-wrapped egg and cheese Wake Up Wraps as well as its iconic Munchkin doughnut holes (five for 99 cents).

The importance of price in the restaurant breakfast market was reconfirmed this week in a report from Chicago-based researcher Technomic Inc.  A larger percentage of breakfast buyers are attracted by inexpensive offerings (45%) than say they’re lured by food taste (43%) or location convenience (38%).

Meanwhile, many Burger King franchisees continue to chafe under the corporate mandate to sell Double Cheeseburgers for $1. Some Chicago operators have responded by using their street signage to instead tout Bacon Double Cheeseburgers for $1.50 or $1.55, a product shift that helps avoid the non-bacon sandwich’s profit-margin problem.

7 Responses to BK Jilts Croissanwich for English Muffin Test

  1. R Miller

    This is incorrect. If nowhere else, in the Chicagoland area BK offered an English muffin sandwich several years ago. Perhaps that was also test marketing, but I ate it, so I know they sold it.

  2. admin

    Have it your way.

  3. Chris

    I just had 2 of these breakfast muffin sandwiches – one with bacon and one with sausage. The biggest problem I found was the fact that the english muffins are not toasted. I don’t believe BK’s have toasters but I could be wrong. The straight up Egg McMuffin w/Canadian bacon from McD’s is still the champion fast food breakfast sandwich in my opinion.

  4. The best thing about the EggaMuffin is that it uses a whole, REAL, EGG.
    And a slice of real ham.
    These sandwiches are paradoxically better than the McD burgers because they use first quality ingredients.
    The BK Croisandwich used canned scrambled eggs and not so great ham..
    If BK can’t step up and use quality ingredients, their breakfast will continue to rank way behind the Giants offerings.

  5. Pat

    Bottom line, no taste whatsoever. If it would not have been for the pepper, I could have eaten a piece of cardboard and it would have tasted better. Muffin was greasy, synthetic egg was tasteless, and the sausage was texture only. McDonalds has BK beat hands down on this one..Sorry King

  6. Keith

    McDonalds…Real USDA grade A eggs. Burger King…the eggs that can’t be sold to consumers in the store (because they are cracked or inferior) are sent to an egg breaking plant to be broken. The liquid is sold and cooked to produce this type of product. Taste is the difference! Don’t even compare McD’s Egg McMuffin to BK.

  7. Wayne

    McD’s has it hands down in all catagories. BK’s muffin is about 1/4th smaller than the McMuffin, and what little bit on the muffin that is supposed to be egg is very disapointing. As most of us know, the McMuffin has a whole egg, complete with yolk that fits the muffin. BK’s new muffin has a square piece of what appears to be egg substitute, about 2in. by 2in square, and barely an eighth of an inch thick. IS this a copy of a McMuffin? Not by a long shot. As far as value, moneywise McD’s wins hands down, as well as taste, size and just about any way. BK CAN make a breakfast muffin that would compete, but not with what they are offering now.