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BK’s American Tour Stops in Wisconsin

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Just last week, reported that “Sources say a new Whopper topped with Wisconsin white Cheddar cheese is coming soon to Burger King’s menu.” Welcome to soon.

In line with Burger King’s new strategy of sending out new menu items in waves, like fashion collections, the new Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper—which also is available in Whopper Jr. size for the budget stressed—is one of several new products. Making its return to the Burger King menu is the Angry Whopper, which, like McDonald’s McRib, never seems to go away for long. It’s a ¼-pound of angry topped not just with Habanero Cheese and sliced jalapeňos but also with “Spicy Angry Sauce.”

The Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper’s specifications are a ¼ lb. of beef with thick-cut bacon, creamy Wisconsin white Cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, white onion, tomato and pickles piled on a toasted sesame-seed bun.

Burger lovers on the West Coast (California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington) are seeing the return of the avocado-topped California Whopper (last on the menu in August 2011). These continue Burger King’s culinary tour of America that included June’s intro of the Carolina BBQ Whopper and Texas BBQ Whopper, along with the Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich.

Coming down the runway to complete Burger King’s Fall Collection are the previously announced Gingerbread Cookie Shake and Gingerbread Cookie Sundae. Cinnabon Minibon rolls also are part of the BK menu look for fall.