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When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
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Basic Black: Burger Buns Go Dark

Burger King's Black Burger: bamboo charcoal and squid ink

Who’d have guessed black burger buns would be a trend, but here’s the third incarnation this year. In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of its return to Japan, Burger King is offering the Premium Kuro Burger, aka Black Burger, beginning Sept. 28.

The bun has gone to the dark side thanks to inclusion of bamboo charcoal. Fearing that wouldn’t be tasty enough right there, there’s also black ketchup (achieved with squid ink). The special anniversary price for the Black Burger is ¥450 alone ($5.78) or ¥750 ($9.64) in a combo.

To put this in context, recall some of the other culinary wonders of Burger King’s Japanese menu, such as mini Spam burgers, the Meat Monster Whopper, the Pizza-Size Burger and the BK Ringo burger with grilled apple. The chain likes to be, well, different.

BK’s Black Burger follows McDonald’s introduction in China this summer of a yin-yang, good/evil pairing of a black-bun burger (made with black pepper sauce) coupled with a white-bun chicken burger (lower right). Contrasting sesame seeds completed the look. In spring, French chain Quick unveiled a black-bun Dark Vador Burger (upper right) as part of a “Star Wars” tie-in promotion.

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