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Back Yard Burgers Sets its Site on Customers

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bybBack Yard Burgers today formally launches its redesigned Web site with the addition of a new burger to its menu and new tools intended to broaden its reach and deepen its communication with customers.

The new limited-time menu offer is a Smoked Gouda burger with caramelized onions and aïoli, which is just the sort of Black Angus specialty burger that Back Yard Burgers wants to more strongly spotlight as defining its brand.

“Our brand strategy is to focus on what we do best, which is top-quality food. That’s what we want to communicate through our Web site, but we didn’t feel the previous design achieved that,” said Ilex Pounders, marketing manager for the Nashville-based chain. “It didn’t incorporate all the channels of communication with our customers, like our eClub and Facebook and Twitter. We went with a simpler design where all those elements are there and are more easily used.” 

The new site (above) gives prominence to three key features: a link to the chain’s eClub; a location-search tool and a link to information for potential franchisees. The eClub is part of the chain’s plan to connect with customers, and a new incentive offers a coupon for a free third-pound burger to customers who join. Other relationship-building links take site visitors to Back Yard Burgers’ Facebook and Twitter pages, while another new hotlink provides information on catering services, which the chain expects will increase in importance as it grows.

A new Back Yard Burgers TV commercial can be viewed on its Facebook page. It carries the same on food quality, with copy that says, “Real burgers don’t have silly nicknames, don’t sit under heat lamps and don’t cost 99 cents.”

byb3“A main takeaway from our early meetings [with Back Yard Burgers] was that they needed to create a consistent brand presence and image that their previous Web site was lacking,” said Rachael Waldeck, account manager at Paramore|Redd, the Nashville digital-marketing agency that created the chain’s new site. “They wanted to go back to the basics and focus on the menu, on burgers fresh off the grill. We want people to be able to see, small and taste those burgers.” Site visitors can cycle through large photos of everything on the chain’s menu without leaving the home page.

“The site makes the food the priority,” said Blake Allen, Paramore|Redd senior creative producer. “We chose colors and design styles that match the brand and the logo, but we also created templates and layouts that are updatable, that we can add to as the brand continues to develop and grows.”

To read Allen’s interesting account of how the agency team conceived and constructed Back Yard Burgers’ new site, go to the Paramore|Redd blog, here.