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A&W, DQ Roll Out New Burgers

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httpvh:// Or… No sooner do I say that March is hamburger R&D hibernation month than two chains that rarely roll out new burgers do just that—with television ad support no less—and Burger King introduces the strategically brilliant BK Stackers line. It’s what makes the burger business so interesting, I suppose.

◙ Yum! Brands is looking for a buyer for A&W, which never has had a well-focused brand image beyond root beer. But this new TV spot (above, left) for its new double-patty Steak Burger would have us believe that at A&W “every burger’s a steak burger.” I must say I never knew that. I’m not buying the brand, though.

◙ Then there’s Dairy Queen. I don’t recall the last time I saw a TV commercial for a DQ burger, but suddenly a TV spot is everywhere, touting a “Cheeseburger lover’s deal.” That’s two single cheeseburgers for $2.22; or two double cheeseburgers for $3.33. Good deal, but the “I’m playing a guitar that sounds like a dolphin” bit here is annoying. DQ would have been better off to concentrate on its new tagline, “So good it’s riDQlous.” That’s kind of clever.

Double, triple and quad BK Stackers in Chile.

◙ I thought Burger King’s BK Stacker line and its $1, $2, $3, pricing was very smart until I saw what the chain is doing in Chile and Argentina. There, the Stackers start with a double and escalate to a triple and a quadruple-patty Stacker that we don’t seem to get. I don’t want to go all patriotic here, but I think that if Chilean burger lovers can handle a four-patty Stacker, we can, too.

One Response to A&W, DQ Roll Out New Burgers

  1. Ron

    Burger King has done the double,triple & Quad Stackers a couple of years ago in the United States and are obviously changing to a single for price reasons…you think you would do your homework on this?