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Aussie McDonald’s Tests Table Service

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A single McDonald’s restaurant in Warilla, Australia, this week began a limited, five-week test of offering dine-in customers food brought to their table served on china, accompanied by glassware and cutlery. According to a story in the Illawarra Mercury, the test has been given the green light by McDonald’s Corp.

Would you eat a Grand Angus burger with knife and fork?

Anyone ordering a Grand Angus, Big Mac or Chicken Deluxe meal between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on a Monday or Tuesday will the option of the more-formal service. Unanswered is the question of why cutlery would be needed to eat a McDonald’s burger.

The franchisees operating the New South Wales restaurant, Glenn and Katia Dwarte, say they served his parents and her mother with the service frills. When others asked if they could get the same treatment, the two presented the idea to Catriona Noble, Managing Director/CEO for McDonald’s Australia, who visited in December.

The Warilla restaurant also has tested a mobile ordering app that allows people to order and pay for their food before arriving. Across Australia, McDonald’s has introduced a food-quality app, called TrackMyMacca’s,  that allows diners to learn the sources of the specific food items they are about to eat.

One Response to Aussie McDonald’s Tests Table Service

  1. Wayne

    Times have changed, but the Brits and Aussie used to not handle food with fingers at the table. The “proper” way was use knife and fork. Might be a good thing to go back to health wise, not spreading germs because you did not wash your hands before eating.