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At McDonald’s, It’s 1955 Again

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[Update: Watch the TV commercial here from TBWA Madrid that backs the 1955. in Italy.]

The success of McDonald’s funky, retro 1955 Burger in Germany has led the chain to move the item onto the menu in Italy this week. “Discover the best of the ’50s” proclaims online marketing  (at right) for the burger.

The 1955 was introduced in Germany in September. During this week’s earnings conference call with analysts, McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner noted that German units performed well in 2010 in part because “sales results were above expectations for the new 1955 sandwich, a premium burger with a homemade look and a gourmet bun.” The build includes beef (Italian beef this time, of course), bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce and a special sauce. 

Amazingly, Skinner neglected to mention that named the German TV commercial for the 1955 Burger as the best ad of the year. If you haven’t seen the spot used in Germany, catch it here. It imagines a young Chicago housewife creating the burger in 1955 and then flashed forward to now, when the recipe is rediscovered. Oddly sweet and weird. Just like the ’50s. “This is 1955, this is Rock ‘n Roll!” McDonald’s website asserts.

If the 1955 scores as well in Italy as it did in Germany, it might sweep across Europe and, who knows, jump the pond to the U.S. where both rock ‘n roll and the 1955 Burger were born.

One Response to At McDonald’s, It’s 1955 Again

  1. TBWA Spain

    Dear Burger Business team,

    Thanks a lot for your news that we follow eagerly from Spain.

    Regarding this note we would like you to notice that although 1955 being the same product the campaign is different this time. The TV campaign has been developped by TBWA Madrid and this is the Italian adaptation of it. See in this link the TVC aired in Italy

    Some other European countries are also interested in launching this successful sandwich so some other localized TVC are about to come in the coming months.

    Best regards.

    Susana Revuelta