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Another New Burger for Wendy’s?

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GrubGrade says this is Wendy's latest.

Ah, chains can menu chicken if they must but they can’t stop trying to perfect better burgers, can they? Wendy’s can’t. GrubGrade reports that in Wichita, Kan., the chain is testing yet another premium burger line that it’s calling Black Label Hamburgers, a name reminiscent of top-shelf spirits.

This is the same chain that shocked the burger business by following its introduction of the Dave’s Hot ’n Juicy Cheeseburgers with another, lower-price burger, the W Cheeseburger. The Black Label line (no, not black buns like the Dark Vador burger from Quick) includes Bacon Portabella and guacamole-topped Spicy Santa Fe versions, according to GrubGrade’s sources. Most interesting is that Wendy’s apparently is crossing the $5 barrier for these premium burgers.

McDonald's CoCo Bacon

● If you’re still being asked just how many new and different burgers there really can be, direct the doubters to this year’s Mein Burger promotion at McDonald’s in Germany. The chain invites burger lovers to create new burgers using ingredients from pre-existing McDonald’s creations. The website showcases literally hundreds of possibilities for which consumers can vote. It’s a promotion idea that easily can be tried in burger joints here.

One of my favorites is the CoCo Bacon with barbecue sauce; red lettuce; two beef patties, each with Cheddar cheese; and bacon on an onion-cheese bun.

One Response to Another New Burger for Wendy’s?

  1. sherri

    The W Cheeseburger is so nasty (in my opinion). It’s like a fake big mac without the extra meat! That sauce is “ugh”!