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A Twitter-Based Burger Map of the U.S.

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The most tweeted-about burger chain in Gilbertville, Iowa? It’s Wendy’s. In Roosevelt, Utah, however, it’s McDonald’s. Five Guys reigns in Orange Beach, Ala., and Whataburger is tops in Brackettville, Texas. In Yuma, Ariz., it’s Smashburger.

Researcher PeekAnalytics analyzed Twitter conversation about the top 20 burger chains in 12,000 communities over the course of June 2013. That was a total of 9 million tweets just about who has the best or worst food and service. Positive and negative comments were counted the same.

Click on the map at left to go to PeekAnalytics’ interactive map. You can see where each of the top 20 burger chains is the most tweeted about.

Overall, McDonald’s got the most tweets, just as it gets the most sales. Wendy’s was No. 2, followed by Burger King.

4 Responses to A Twitter-Based Burger Map of the U.S.

  1. Interesting stuff and nice to see a burger based American map.

  2. ctr

    um… i live in cincinnati and according to this map, we’re all in love with a small salt lake city-based burger chain

  3. Chip

    I’m with ctr on dubiousness scale. Dallas has a lot of twitter users, but doubtful that too many go to Longview (3 hour drive) to the nearest Cheeburger Cheeburger. But they tweet about it? Plano has no Culvers but it’s the most tweeted. Odd…

  4. Jeremy

    Asheville, NC says “Fat Burger”, but the nearest one is 500 miles away. However, if you type in “Fat Burger” for Asheville you get “Farm Burger” which is a small regional chain that just opened their first store in Asheville, or it could possibly be referencing Fatz Cafe. Either way, it’s bogus.