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A Touch of the Poet in McD’s New UK Ad Campaign

McDonald’s gets not just nostalgic but downright poetic in a new campaign marking its 35 years in the United Kingdom. Beginning Oct. 10, the advertising uses the tagline “There’s a McDonald’s for everyone” in tandem with the global “I’m lovin’ it” logo. 

Dubbed the “Favourites” campaign, work from Leo Burnett/London emphasizes core menu items the chain has offered since its 1974 arrival (Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken Nuggets, fries, shakes). A 60-second TV commercial features diners of all ages dropping in at McDonald’s throughout the day. A voiceover recites what may be the sweetest paean to a fast-food restaurant ever penned. Copy, in part, is:

Now the laborers
and cablers and
council-motion tablers
were just passing by

And the Gothy types
and scoffy types
and like-their-coffee-frothy types
were just passing by

Those on their own
whilst on the phone
dunking McNuggets and
just having a mome’
were just passing by…

Deal with it, John Keats. Credit goes to copywriters Tony Malcolm and Guy Moore. Actor David Morrissey reads their words. A 60-second and a 40-second version of the advert will air. The campaign includes outdoor boards (shown) and print executions highlighting people’s relationship with their favorite McDonald’s foods. Digital agency Razorfish (which, like Burnett, is owned by Publicis Groupe) will extend the campaign to McDonald’s Web site and through social-media channels. big_mac_48_sheetsThe campaign runs until November 18.

“The campaign hones in on the different types of McDonald’s customers, explores their experiences and will carry the the message that there continues to be a McDonald’s experience for everyone,” according to Jill McDonald’s, the chain’s chief marketing officer for the UK and Northern Europe.

While it celebrates its iconic menu items, McD’s can’t resist rolling out a few new ones, too, of course. The latest addition to its line of Little Tasters mini burgers is the Little Tex Mex. It’s topped with sour-cream-and-chive sauce and salsa, and is served on a sesame-chive bun (Are chives Tex-Mex?).

A new garlic-herb version of its Chicken Snack Wraps also has been cycled onto the menu.

8 Responses to A Touch of the Poet in McD’s New UK Ad Campaign

  1. MAndrews

    This advert is absolutely charming. Kudos to everyone who played a hand in it.
    Thanks to Burger Business for discovering it.

  2. Natalie

    I know, it’s so awesome!!! its just all the rhyming and poetic bit about it i just cant get enough of it!!! :D

  3. Does anyone know the music being played in the background to the poem?

  4. admin

    The music is “The City” written by famed film composer Elmer Bernstein for Stephen Frears’ 1990 film “The Grifters.” Hear the whole composition at–l03ale0 .

  5. Caractacus

    Two words: ‘King Caractacus’
    Quoting the opening to Rolf Harris’s 1964 song…

    “Now the [ladies
    of the harem of the
    court of King Caractacus,]
    were just passing by.”

    Lets transpose this onto the Maccy D advert…

    Now the [laborers
    and cablers and
    council-motion tablers]
    were just passing by.


  6. Caractacus

    Still a good advert though…

  7. Klaatu_Smith

    The advert is great, and the voiceover too, but just because an ad is well thought out it still wouldn’t tempt me to go there and actually eat their product.
    I tried eating their burgers etc, for a few brief months a few years ago, and realised I was eating what tasted like mashed up cardboard in a bun, minimal nutrition, so I stopped going there.
    If this company could take the vast amount of revenue they spend on misleading advertising (lets face it their product is worse that harmful) and channel it into actually improving the food, then maybe it would be worth a try.
    I wonder what long term dangers to kids health will be highlighted in years to come, when the effect of feeding children these easy to get but insufficient so called meals are eventually exposed?

  8. Kevin Longfellow

    “Those on their own
    whilst on the phone
    dunking McNuggets and
    just having a mome
    were just passing by”

    But the clever types
    Who never bother with hypes
    Were staying clear
    And the ones with class
    wouldn’t bother their ass
    Coming in here

    ‘Cos only the nutters
    Or the guys from the gutters
    Would take the chance
    Of eating this pap
    This reconstituted crap
    I’ll just keep on passing by…