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A Fearless Foursome of Burger Introductions

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Red Robin's Big Melt Bacon Burger

Amid the seasonal school of fish sandwiches (and even Fish McBites) for Lent it’s nice to see a few new burgers coming onto the scene as well.

◙ One of those burgers is from Red Robin, which had told analysts last week that it wasn’t going to be bullied by beef costs and would continue with burger LTOs. And on cue, here is the Big Melt Bacon Burger. It’s topped with four slices of applewood-smoked bacon, Cheddar and Swiss cheeses, mushrooms and onions sautéed in barbecue sauce. In keeping with its media/pricing strategy, Red Robin drops the burger’s price to $6.99 while TV advertising airs (from Feb. 29 to March 22). The price goes back up by $3 or so from March 23 to April 29.

Southwest Patty Melt

◙ Also hardly unexpected are Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.’s introductions of the Southwest Patty Melt burger. Teasers for the burger and the TV commercial for it with Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton have been circulating for weeks, so everyone knew it was arriving this week. The burger’s good-looking, too, with jalapeňos, grilled onions, pepper-Jack cheese and a spicy Santa Fe sauce on grilled sourdough bread.

◙ Speaking of jalapeňos, Burger King has put together something new that it’s calling the Piñata Whopper (and the chicken-version Piñata Tendercrisp) in Denmark. In addition to jalapeňos, the Piñata has salsa, onion, a Mexicana sauce and nacho chips. This is the umpteenth version of a spicy, nachos-topped Whopper that the chain has tried over the last few years.

◙ A simpler build is the simply named Blue Cheese burger on the McDonald’s menu in the Czech Republic. There’s a wedge of blue cheese atop a beef patty along with Roquefort sauce and lettuce on a ciabatta roll.

One Response to A Fearless Foursome of Burger Introductions

  1. Blue Cheese in Czech republic is ordinary, not so special burger. But Schwarzwald and Cheese from the same season is more amazing. They switch every week. By the way, in Czech Burger King are American classics menu weeks. It should interest you more. :)