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How Sonic Is Customizing POP Messaging


Sonic Corp. delivered disappointing results for its Q4, ended Aug. 31, 2016: System same-store sales decreased 2% (-1.8% same-store at franchise drive-ins; -3% at company drive-ins) due to a decline in customer traffic that higher prices and a higher average could not offset. Management pointed to a “persistent industry-wide slowdown

Burger of the Month Specials: Oct. 2016

Burger of the Month Specials: Oct. 2016 The annual bratwurst invasion is on with the rollout of Oc(k)toberfest burgers. Then there are those burger joints whose eyes already are on the end of the month. Their October Burger of the Month specials have…

U.S. Restaurant Count Continues Slide

U.S. Restaurant Count Continues Slide The total number of U.S. restaurants continues to decline because of continuing losses of independent locations. But independent burger-menu quick-service shops are accounting for very little of that decline. The Spring 2016 census from The NPD…

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0

Inside McDonald’s All Day Breakfast 2.0 McDonald’s Corp. today launches the second phase of its All Day Breakfast initiative, called ADB 2.0. Consumers now will be able to order the whole breakfast menu—muffin, biscuit and McGriddle sandwiches—all day, although the entire McDonald’s…

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 10/14

The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers 10/14 Can you find a list of burgers on menus recently that better displays the diversity of contemporary burgers? It was intentional, but the variety of ingredients used here is remarkable. For proteins, there are Andouille/beef, chicken,…

Burger Chains Keeping Prices in Check

Burger Chains Keeping Prices in Check Burger King may have raised some eyebrows with the steep $5.99 price for the Bacon King burger it introduced yesterday. Is this a sign of escalating burger prices? Actually, it really isn’t. Although $5.99 is a…

Burger Bar Fall Cocktails Sampling

Alewife Goobah

It’s tough to make a buck with burgers or anything else these days. I know that many burger bars are upping the profile of their bars and rethinking cocktail menus. To help, I’ve gathered some of the autumn cocktails appearing on burger-bar menus now. Salut. Alewife, Baltimore Goomba Takes Manhattan

Gimmicks Lose Appeal as BK Sales Dip


Burger King may have gone to the well too often. US/Canada same-store sales were negative (-0.5%) as Cheetos Chicken Fries—playing off its Chicken Fries and Mac ‘n Cheetos items—failed to draw a crowd. Daniel Schwartz, CEO of Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI), cited undeniable “industry softness” for the decline, an

Pricing, Promotions Push McD’s Growth


A rich mix of ingredients—higher menu prices, lower commodity costs, continued customer enthusiasm for All Day Breakfast and McPick 2—combined to produce Q3 results for McDonald’s Corp. that exceeded the predictions of The Street and the brand’s doubters. For the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2016, global comparable sales increased 3.5%,

Mintel: 1 in 8 Use Delivery Services

Jack DoorDash

Jack in the Box has a separate late-night Munchie Meal menu for those who crave burgers at off-peak hours. Now, in the San Francisco Bay area, at least, diners with growling stomachs don’t even need to hit the drive-through since Jack this month formed a partnership with restaurant-delivery service DoorDash

Reece PBC Burger Returns; Let’s Burger!

Works Burger Reece's PBC

One of last year’s most talked about burgers makes its return today. Ontario-based The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro’s annual “Get Stuff’d” menu promotion returns and brings with it the Reese PBC, a burger (below) stuffed with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup candy and then topped with bacon, crispy onions and still

McDonald’s Operators: Focus on Our Core


McDonald’s Corp. reports Q3 sales and earnings on Friday. In advance, Nomura restaurant analyst Mark Kalinowski lowered his forecast for Q3 same-store sales to +0.2% from +1.62%. The Q4 forecast was lowered a full 1% to -2.0%. Kalinowski’s survey of 30 McDonald’s franchisees (accounting for 271 stores) finds their Q3

Boxed Breakfasts and Bud Burgers


Monday again. Here’s what others were talking about while the rest of us were weekending and avoiding politics: All Day Breakfast at McDonald’s has spawned something new and potentially ground breaking at its Pacific NW stores: multi-person boxed breakfasts. The four-person NFL-tied Blitz Box in Seattle includes two Egg McMuffins,