Wisconsin Cheese Adds Value

When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
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McMenu Shakeup Hits Chicken Selects, Angus Burgers

A McDonald’s franchisee says the chain will remove Angus Third Pounder burgers, Chicken Selects and apple-walnut salad, a move likely intended to clear menu space for an expected rollout of McWraps and other new items.

McEnaney Enterprises, a Princeton, Ky.-based McDonald’s operator, announced via Twitter that the Selects , the salad and Angus burgers all […]

Wendy’s Looks to the Future

Embarking on what CEO Emil Brolick called a “holistic, highly integrated brand transformation,” Wendy’s has begun a three-year plan intended to extensively remodel its stores, image and menu. This week’s adoption of an updated logoand new packaging and crew uniforms is one element.

The Right Price, Right Size Menu is the primary value product.


Why Burger King is Back at No. 2

The Wendy’s Co. releases its audited 2012 financial results tomorrow (2/28), which no doubt will rekindle debate over whether Wendy’s or Burger King is the bigger brand in the U.S. and Canada. I believe Burger King again has the No. 2 position.

Sources: Wendy’s 2012 sales estimated; all other data is from company financial […]

Burger King Tries “King Deals” Value Tactic

In line with its stated intention to focus more attention on value pricing, Burger King is testing consumer response to a daily-discount program it already has in place in the UK and Canada.

The “King Deals” tactic testing in select markets offers a different discounted meal on each weekday as a sort of rapid-fire limited-time-offer […]

Seven-Patty Burger Anchors Steak ’n Shake Late-Night Menu


Looking to take on Denny’s, McDonald’s and every other kid on the late-night block, Steak ’n Shake has launched an audacious new AllNighter Menu available between midnight and 6 a.m. while also making its full breakfast menu available now from midnight to 11 a.m. (at participating locations, of course).

The attention grabber on the AllNighter […]

Bobby Flay Crunches It at SoBe Burger Bash

Bobby Flay’s chips-topped Crunchified Green Chile Burger

Bobby Flay’s Crunchified Green Chile Burger took the People’s Choice Award at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, dashing the dream of fellow Food Network star Michael Symon to win for a fourth consecutive year. Symon’s entry this year was a Gruyère-topped French Onion Burger. […]

Michael Symon on the Burger Bash, B Spot and Burgermania

In each of the last three years, Michael Symon has won The People’s Choice Award for top burger at the Burger Bash held during the annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. He’ll defend that title at this year’s event, which begins Friday (2/22). When not competing, he operates four B Spot […]

Wendy’s has Dick Vitale; Carl’s Jr. Has Heidi Klum


Baconator, baby

“It’s the bacon, baby!” will be Wendy’s new mantra in a campaign with high-decibel announcer loudmouth Dick Vitale touting the double-patty Baconator burger. The campaign begins Feb. 25, but you won’t see it unless you live in one of seven Northeast cities (including New York City, Boston and Philadelphia) where spots will […]