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Wendy’s Details Aggressive Menu, Marketing Plans

Craig Bahner may only have started as Wendy’s chief marketing officer in April, but he’s already weighing significant changes to strengthen the brand. Speaking to analysts at Wendy’s Investors Day program on June 28, Bahner outlined plans to accelerate new-menu-product development, revise its 99¢ value menu into a two-tier pricing structure, increase its use of […]

A Bigger Big Mac in Germany


McDonald’s European operation loves America, especially New York. A New York Classic double burger is currently on offer in Austria and the NYCrispy has been one of the most popular LTOs across Europe in the past year. But now McDonald’s in Germany is daring to improve on the American favorite by introducing what it calls […]

Best Burgers from F&W’s Best New Chefs

Chef Bryant Ng received his classical culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. His menu at The Spice Table in Los Angeles is global and elegant but still informal enough to include a killer burger. That may be one reason he is one of 12 recently named “Best New Chefs for 2012” by Food […]

Model Behavior: Kate Upton Ads Help Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s


A year ago, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s brash “We Believe in Burgers” TV commercial proclaimed, “We believe in putting hot models in our commercials because ugly ones don’t sell burgers.” That commercial may not have been politically correct but it is empirically true: The two chains reported solid sales for the 16-week quarter ended May 21, 2012, a […]

NPD: Online Marketing Drives Restaurant Trial

NPD Group released new research on the effectiveness of online marketing. Its CREST study finds 6% of restaurant visits (926 million visits) were influenced by online marketing during the first quarter of 2012,. Those online-influenced visits accounted for 8% of restaurant spending. Not surprisingly, what had the most impact were pocketbook-targeted applications: deals and special […]

Red Robin Gives Up the Ghost

Spicy has become a basic QSR flavor, along with barbecue. McDonald’s is doing a spicy LTO version of Chicken McBites; Jack in the Box has its Chipotle Chicken Club sandwich. But fiery is another matter, and that’s the territory into which Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is wandering. The chain has added two new “styles” or […]

Unlimited Use of Limited-Time Offers

The restaurant industry is slowly recovering from the recession. The National Restaurant Association forecasts real sales growth this year of just 0.2% for full-service restaurants and 0.4% for limited-service restaurants. That growth pace only intensifies the battle for customer dollars, and limited-time menu specials, often with branded ingredients, are an increasingly popular marketing tool in […]

McDonald’s Olympics Uniforms: “Mad Men” Chic


McDonald’s unveiled new uniforms that will be worn by the crew working its four restaurants at next month’s London Olympics and subsequently by staff at all UK restaurants. The look borrows from TV’s “Mad Men” while rejecting baseball caps as being “too American.” Created by British designer Wayne Hemingway, co-founder of the Red or Dead […]

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