Wisconsin Cheese Adds Value

When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
Click HERE to visit the Wisconsin Cheese Burger page and get the recipe for the Wisconsin Gouda Garlic Burger shown below!


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Is Poutine the Next All-American Side?

Burgerville’s Chili Cheeseburger

Pacific Northwest chain Burgerville’s latest seasonal specials are a ¼-lb. Chili Cheeseburger accompanied by Chili Cheese Waffle Fries that are just a nudge away from being that Canadian national favorite poutine.

Burgerville’s Chili Cheese Waffle Fries

Technically, poutine is fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy, and Burgerville’s dish […]

Jack in the Box Upgrades its Burgers

Jack in the Box this week is rolling out improved burgers as part of a year-long effort to upgrade both core menu products and its overall guest experience.

Speaking to analysts today, Jack in the Box Chairman-President-CEO Linda Lang said the chain is introducing burger patties with “improved taste, texture an juiciness” that have performed […]

Monday Meeting 11/21/11: Chicken Scratchings

[More chicken news: Burger King’s holiday menu in the UK includes a Cranberry Chicken Tendercrisp sandwich.] So much of the burger business is about chicken now that it’s only right that the week start with a couple of chicken items:

● Hardee’s has extended its popular Hand-Breaded Chicken line with Buffalo-flavor tenders (in 3- or […]

McFine Dining: Chefs Upgrade McDonald’s Food, Image


Chef Toni Mörwald created Toni’s Surf & Turf Burger for McDonald’s in Austria.

Introducing a sandwich that combines a beef patty and fried shrimp is upscale enough. Borrowing a name from fine dining and called it a surf-and-turf burger is further upper class. But the Surf & Turf burger that joined the menu at […]

McDonald’s Promo Puts Smartphones to Work

[Nov. 30 update: Burger King finally admits it has new french fries, as reported below 2 weeks earlier.]

McDonald’s has built an interesting promotion in Denmark around the new QR (Quick Response) Codes and audio codes that newer-model smartphones can read. There’s a Facebook element as well. The result is a 21st century game-piece […]

Monday Meeting: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner


KFC's Family Burger Box

[Update: The battle escalated on 11/15 with McDonald’s addition of the spicy Chicken Scorcher sandwich to counter KFC’s Zinger line.] There’s nothing quite like the chicken fight in Australia, where both McDonald’s and KFC sell chicken wings and “burgers.” Consider KFC’s Family Burger Box, an all-chicken version of the Family […]

Wendy’s Adding Mid-Price “W” Cheeseburger Line

Fresh from last month’s introduction of the premium Dave’s Hot ’n Juicy Cheeseburgers line, Wendy’s will add a mid-price line of cheeseburgers dubbed “The W” by year-end. Acknowledging that consumer spending continues to be sluggish, the new line will be priced at $2.99, below Dave’s $4-and-up prices, and above its My 99¢ Everyday Value Menu […]

2012 Burger Trends Forecast: The Year of Commodity Costs

A year ago, BurgerBusiness.com forecast that 2011 would be The Year of the Stuffed Burger. Nope, didn’t happen. I’d have been closer had I just extended 2010’s Year of the Patty Melt designation for another year (see, for example the new Bacon Patty Melt at Johnnie Rockets). A prediction that 2011 would be the Year […]