Wisconsin Cheese Adds Value

When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
Click HERE to visit the Wisconsin Cheese Burger page and get the recipe for the Wisconsin Blue Cheese Burger with Bacon Walnut Chutney shown below!


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GO Burger’s Final Four Winners

We know something about burger brackets here at BurgerBusiness.com, where the Final Four concepts in our competition are reigning champ Blanc Burgers + Bottles, Cheeseburger Bobby’s, Jake’s Wayback Burgers and In-N-Out Burger.

But we had to give a shout out to BLT Restaurant Group for the Final Four burger menu at its two GO […]

McDonald’s Promotes Spicy Menu, Facebook in India


Social media are taking hold in India, where Facebook opened its first office just five months ago, and where its users reportedly numbered 15 million then. So it’s not surprising that McDonald’s first Facebook marketing campaign is designed as something of a social-media tutorial.

McDonald’s on Monday introduced a new four-item “Spicy Delights” menu in […]

Burger King Reshapes its Chicken Tenders

Addressing one of its key competitive weaknesses, Burger King is rolling out new Chicken Tenders that could get it back in the chicken-snack game. These replace the previous Tenders incarnation that were shaped like crowns, which signaled “for kids only.” The new, crispy Tenders moving into stores now are marketed to all ages.

The Chicken […]

Restaurant Ad Spending Tops $5.6 Billion in 2010


Although restaurant sales showed no growth in 2010, the restaurant industry increased total ad spending, according to data from Kantar Media. Spending by the category was $5.652 billion, a 2.3% increase over 2009. According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant sales were off 0.2% last year.

For restaurants, Q1 was the strongest ($1.454 billion) for […]

NPD: Calorie Info Brings Modest Changes

Calorie counts cause some consumers to shift orders from large burgers to smaller burgers.

Including calorie information on menus has a modest impact on consumer ordering behavior according to research by The NPD Group. On average, the total number of calories declined by nearly 12% with calorie counts. Of interest to restaurateurs is that […]

McDonald’s Tries Something “Special” in Ireland


[Update: As predicted Sunday, Hardee’s introduced Charbroiled Turkey burgers on March 21. They join the menu at Carl’s Jr. on March 23. See the TV commercial with Miss Turkey here.] ◙ McDonald’s is refining its premium-tier menu strategy with the introduction of a new line of “Special Editions” menu items in Ireland. First up is […]

Burger King Splits with Ad Agency CP+B

That was the sound of the other shoe dropping. When Burger King installed new management last October following the chain’s acquisition by 3G Capital, the question asked here was, “Will Crispin Porter + Bogusky hang on to Burger King’s $300 million-plus ad account?” It did for awhile, but when UK Marketing Director Sarah Power exited […]

McDonald’s Tests Oven-Baked Kebabs, Burger

Responding to consumer healthful-eating concerns around the world, McDonald’s is testing oven-baked chicken and fish in Australia and is vowing to voluntarily post calorie information on menu boards in its 1,200 United Kingdom stores.

The Oven Baked menu is available in select McDonald's in South Australia only.

The Oven Baked menu, launched this […]