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Isn’t it Grande? McDonald’s Tests Fresh Garden Wraps

Isn’t it Grande? McDonald’s Tests Fresh Garden Wraps

Continuing its unusual openness about test-market menu items, McDonald’s today announced via Twitter that it is testing yet another new chicken item. Called Fresh Garden Wraps, the full-size tortilla wraps are in Orlando, Fla., stores, priced at $3.49 alone or $5.59 in combo meals. Fresh Garden Wraps, nearly identical in name and similar in style […]

McNuggets Get Crispier; Wendy’s Gets Spicier


McDonald’s is one of the most innovative menu developers in the QSR field, but it doesn’t like to mess with success, i.e. classic core items like the Big Mac. That’s why it’s surprising to see a new, crispier version of Chicken McNuggets called Chicken McBites show up in Australia and New Zealand. New dipping sauces […]

Burgers Grow Big on Bob Evans’ Farm

Burgers Grow Big on Bob Evans’ Farm

A generation ago, farm life was considered about as uncool as life got. Now upscale restaurants list the names of the farms where the pork or potatoes or cheese comes from. Farms are hip. You can’t keep ’em down on Wall Street after they’ve dined at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. And Bob Evans is […]

Burger King Exports NY Pizza Burger as Party Food

The Japanese don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but while you’re enjoying the turkey you ordered, Japanese families are placing their orders for a new holiday food: the NY Pizza Burger and all the trimmings. Looking to make a splash in Japan, which it re-entered only three years ago, Burger King is offering the BK Party Set, a […]

McDonald’s Rolls Pita, Bagel and Focaccia Burgers

McDonald’s this week has escalated the burger battle in Europe with a bold one-two-three menu punch that competitors will be hard-pressed to match. In France, the chain’s “World Tour” promotion simultaneously adds three innovative new platforms: ● There’s a bit of cumin added to the ground beef and a slightly spicy sauce that give the […]

Burger 21: How It’s Going to Be?

Burger 21, which opened this week in Tampa, Fla., might cause burger purists’ eyebrows to arch with skepticism because of its lineage. Yes, it was created and is owned by fondue-menu casual-dining chain The Melting Pot. But hang on because this is a burger joint whose menu looks to do burgers proud. It has ambition […]

Wendy’s Bets on Dave, Breakfast and Premium Products

Reporting negative sales for the third quarter, Wendy’s/Arby’s Group put on a smile and bravely looked to the future in today’s quarterly analyst call. That future will include more premium-price products and selective price increases. It also finally will include the much-anticipated introduction of breakfast in 2011’s second half. The Q3 numbers were stark. Wendy’s […]

McDonald’s Spices Up McChicken as QSRs Revamp Menus

Wendy’s national introduction this week of Natural-Cut Fries while also beginning a tryout for the Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy cheeseburger line in Las Vegas exemplify the heightened importance of menu development for top quick-service chains. New menu items bring in customers willing to try them at least once, and in an economy this shaky, every […]

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