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National Hamburger Day Done Well at Rare Bar & Grill

Rare Bar & Grill is serving up a bit of history to honor National Hamburger Day. Today, customers at its new location in New York City’s Fashion 26 Wyndham hotel on West 26th Street can get the famous “Louis Lunch” burger or Rare’s signature cheeseburger with fries and a beer for $20.10. After that, Rare […]

In Defense of the Forgotten Burger Bun

Can we all agree that there are three core components to a burger? The meat’s one; toppings are the second. And the third? The bun! Burgers’ skyrocketing popularity has brought us limitless variations on core components #1 and #2, but buns remain the poor relations of the burger family. Marginalized, ignored or scorned. R.F. O’Sullivan […]

Checkers/Rally’s Tries Six Big Burgers at Just 18 Stores

The Checkers/Rally’s system includes 820 drive-in restaurants in the U.S., but just 18 of those units are getting an ambitious new array of burgers. The Flavor Built Burgers menu encompasses six different sandwiches, each of which can be ordered as a single-, double- or triple-patty build. Whether its kitchen operations can handle the arrival of essentially […]

Spike Mendelsohn Has More Good Stuff in Mind

Competing with the big burger chains “can be like battling the Mafia,” says Spike Mendelsohn, chef-owner of Washington. D.C.’s Good Stuff Eatery, which is itself about to become a chain. Spike isn’t suggesting McDonald’s or Burger King want him to sleep with the fishes, “it’s just that they’re so powerful and they’ve given burgers a […]

News-Nugget Catch-Up for 5/24


Ξ I’m not sure when McDonald’s plans to use a 92-second McCafé  TV commercial other than at its shareholder meeting (as it did last week), but “Joe and Frank” from DDB is a charmer. And those who, like Joe and Frank, are of a certain age may recognize Blythe Danner, actress and mother of Gwyneth Paltrow, Channing […]

Red Robin Announcing New Menu, Marketing Results

Red Robin Announcing New Menu, Marketing Results

[May 20 Update: As expected, Red Robin announced the new menu, in stores by 5/24. Announced two $6.99 LTOs—Big Melt Bacon Burger and Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich—coming June 14. Comp sales for Q1 were a respectable -2.3%, compared with -10.5% and -14.9% the previous two quarters.] Red Robin Gourmet Burgers will announce a new menu this […]

Fire-Grilled Ribs Move BK Into Casual-Dining Pricing


[Watch the BK ribs commercial here.] Burger King began its roll out of its new Fire-Grilled Ribs today. The limited-time promotion, expected to last through July 4, puts the chain’s new batch broilers to work and adds a super-premium-price product to the chain’s “barbell” pricing strategy, which seeks to balance budget-price and higher-ticket “indulgent” items […]

Monday News-Nugget Catch-Up for 5/17


Ξ What to watch for this week: Today: Sonic accelerates its product-quality-improvement plan with the introduction of Real Ice Cream and a milkshake promotion to back it. Tomorrow: Casual-dining chain O’Charley’s adds a new tiered value menu with 12 entreés  priced between $7.99 and $9.99. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Q0U6Nsr2oΞ “I eat what tastes good, I’m a Yummivore. I […]

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