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New Menus Symbolize the Europeanization of McDonald’s


[12/1 Update: See announcement of McD’s President Ralph Alvarez’s impending retirement here.] McDonald’s redesigned midtown Manhattan restaurant, reimagined with what the Associated Press called “European style,” received an astonishing amount of wide-eyed coverage and surprisingly little analysis. French architect Philippe Avanzi’s interior is nice but it’s most important as a tangible indication of a significant shift in […]

Burger King Pours Bourbon Whopper into Canada

[July 2010 update: BK repositions the Bourbon Whopper as “Taste of the Deep South”] While Burger King arm wrestles with U.S. franchisees over the mandated $1 Double Cheeseburger, the chain has rolled out a new premium-price burger in Canada. The Bourbon Whopper takes its name from the nonalcoholic, “sweet & tangy,” bourbon-flavored sauce that partners with […]

Best Buttys: BK Revises Breakfast Program in the UK

Burger King is trying again to establish itself as a breakfast power in the UK, this time by actually opening during breakfast hours and by reengineering the menu. BK units now open for breakfast at 8 a.m. after previously waiting until 10 a.m., after the breakfast rush was over. And the chain wondered why it […]

Monday News-Nugget Catch-Up for 11/23


[Update: We were correct on Hardee’s Portobello Mushroom Melt Thickburger. See our earlier trend-spotting post on melts.  See Hardee’s commercial here.] ► Hardee’s today will announce another new menu product because it has been about 19 minutes (OK, three weeks) since the last new item—Smothered Country Potatoes—made their debut. We reported last week that sources say the […]

Jack Learns Consumers Want Value, Not Games

Projecting same-store sales in the current quarter to be as much as 10% below year-earlier levels, Jack in the Box Chairman-CEO Linda Lang boldly outlined significant strategic changes in menu product mix, advertising message, media buys and more in the months ahead. In the chain’s 2009 fiscal fourth quarter earnings call with securities analysts on […]

Carl’s Jr. Keeps Battling with Discounts, Rewards Cards


In July, CKE Restaurants CEO Andrew Puzder told this site that the sagging economy has resulted in declining combo-meal sales, and he stressed that he wouldn’t mimic competitors’ deep discounting. Now, after reporting a sharp decrease in same-store sales for Carl’s Jr., CKE has a new strategy to boost combo-meal sales and is discounting  its Original Six Dollar Cheeseburger.  Introducing the […]

BK Takes On McD’s with Angry Angus Burger in Australia


Burger King operates under a different name—Hungry Jack’s—in Australia, but it is following the same fearless, feisty marketing strategies it uses in the United States. Although outnumbered by McDonald’s down under, BK/Hungry Jack on Nov. 17 launches the Angry Angus burger to take on the Grand Angus and Mighty Angus burgers unveiled in August by […]

The Flip Side: Richard Blais Rethinks Burgers

Richard Blais gained notoriety as the faux-hawked favorite on Season 4 of “Top Chef.” Now he’s best known as chef-proprietor of Atlanta’s Flip Burger Boutique, where almost everything—from ossobuco to Korean barbecue to country-fried steak—can be inspiration for a new-age burger on one of the burger world’s most interesting menus.     But Flip—which opened in December 2008—is […]

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