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Burgerville Giving July a Walla Walla Welcome

Come mid-summer, Burgerville customers have gotten used to the reappearance of Walla Walla Sweet Onion Rings as a seasonal side. This year, though, those customers are getting an unexpected menu bonus.  Beginning July 3, the 39-unit Pacific Northwest chain brings back the much-loved rings. Then, on July 7 it introduces a new Sweet Onion Horseradish Burger and a […]

Hardee’s Biscuit Holes Have a ‘Taste’ Problem


I can’t swear that Hardee’s developed its new Biscuit Holes breakfast treat just so it could make “hole” jokes, but I can’t dismiss the possibilty. The chain’s advertising (and menu development) sometimes can be so audacious that you just have to laugh. Other times—this time–edginess simply dissolves into silliness. As a sly rip-off of Dunkin’ Donuts’ […]

Which Will Sell More Carl’s Jr. Burgers: iJustine or Eye Candy?

CKE Restaurants is conducting a bit of advertising-effectiveness research to which every marketer should pay close attention because it could answer several key consumer-marketing questions. One is, what’s a better ad medium for grabbing Millennials’ attention, old-school TV or 21st-century video? But the more-important question is, what’s better, hot or hip? Hot, of course, is […]

Gridlock: Chevy Camaro Stars in Three Restaurant Promos

[Aug. 11 UPDATE: Back Yard Burgers became the fourth chain to offer a Camaro as a sweepstakes prize.] General Motors may be struggling financially but it hasn’t lost its marketing edge: The automaker has placed its Chevy Camaro at the center of major promotions for Burger King, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s and Papa John’s simultaneously. ● Burger […]

McDonald’s 2008 Ad Spending Tops $1.2 Billion

McDonald’s Corp. spent $1.201 billion on U.S. advertising in 2008, ranking it No. 29 among the 100 largest advertisers, Advertising Age magazine reports in its June 22 issue. Big Mac is one of  five restaurant companies included by Ad Age in its 100 Leading Advertisers list. Yum! Brands–parent of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell–is the […]

McDonald’s Throws a Wrap Party on Euro Menus

McDonald’s introduction of the Mac Snack Wrap in 600 New York Metro locations this month suggests the chain is proceeding cautiously with this snack-size incarnation of the Big Mac, which it tried first in Canada in March. In contrast to McD’s North American menu conservatism, however, the chain’s European R&D folks are behaving like 6-year-olds at a cupcake-decorating party, […]

Wendy’s Agency Review: Who’ll Be Invited to the Party?

Wendy’s/Arby’s Group waited 24 hours after its annual meeting of stockholders before announcing that its Wendy’s brand needs some serious marketing help. The company’s May 28 post-meeting announcement was the upbeat message that the company is “well-positioned to create value for our stockholders.” On May 29, the tone was more sober: Wendy’s said that as “the […]

Economic Stimulus: Restaurants Boost Q1 Ad Spending 2.5%

With brands battling to promote new mini-burger and coffee products or to spread the word about lowered prices, the restaurant industry has been doing its best to keep money flowing to media outlets.  Advertising by quick- and full-service restaurants rose 2.5% to $1.415 billion while overall ad spending dropped 14.2%  (to $30.2 billion) during that period, […]

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