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Harris Poll: Restaurant Marketplace Is Likely to Worsen

Results of a new Harris Poll released today are hardly consoling for a restaurant industry already seeing diners staying home and restaurant sales (especially in mid-price concepts) down significantly.  The researcher talked to 2,355 U.S. adults and found that three out of four say they are likely to further reduce restaurant spending over the next […]

Jack in the Box Introduces Its Mini Sirloin Burgers

[Update: Mini Sirloin Burgers named “Burger of the Year.”] [Update: A chicken version of the minis was added later. See June 8 post] The mini-burger market is still gearing up, but Jack in the Box already has given it some price elasticity. The chain today formally introduced the Mini Sirloin Burgers it has been talking about […]

Hardee’s Debuts Padma’s “Love Affair” Commercial

“I’ve always had a love affair with food,” coos Padma Lakshmi in her new TV spot for Hardee’s Western Bacon Thickburger. The host of Bravo’s “Top Chef” (identified here as “author/culinary expert”) says she’s tried “every flavor imaginable,” but none that compares with the 900-calorie Hardee’s burger. I buy that. The sultry spot ends with […]

Michael Mina Gives Burgers a New Life of Luxury

Celebrity-chef Michael Mina has accelerated his glorification of the burger, a mission that he began earlier this year at his high-end Bourbon Steak restaurant in the MGM Grand Detroit. What started at the casino as a burger menu in the bar to attract hungry high rollers now has been introduced in two of America’s most posh locations. An […]

Burger King Fires Legal Shot at Steak ‘n Shake Over Minis Name

[UPDATE: Steak ‘n Shake Chairman Sardar Biglari told its April 24 annual meeting that a legal fight with BK over Steakburger Shots has been quietly resolved, according to a blogger in attendance. On April 27, a Burger King spokesperson initially declined comment but later told BurgerBusiness that Steak ‘n Shake has agreed to change the […]

Wienerschnitzel Invades Burger Turf With Angus Beef Dog

Wiernerschnitzel, the West Coast hot dog chain, took on its category rivals earlier this month with an aggressive marketing campaign behind the launch of a supersize Big Original Chili Dog. Now it has moved into burger territory with the addition of its first 100% Angus beef hot dogs. Featuring Angus beef has been a point of competitive […]

Morton’s Steakhouse Using Burgers to Bring In Budget-Minded

After posting a net loss of $67.7 million in fiscal 2008 (versus net income of $13 million the previous year), high-end Morton’s the Steakhouse is moving burgers to the front lines to bring in business before and after prime dinner hours. The Chicago-based chain, which operates 81 upscale steakhouses (67 of which serve dinner only) […]

Mini-Burger Liftoff for Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets, the 1950s-style diner chain based in Lake Forest, Calif., is expected to announce today that it, too, will join the mini-burger frenzy. According to a report in the Orange County Register, the chain next week will roll out not only down-sized burgers but dinky hot dogs and chili dogs as well. Prices for the […]

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